Save Resources With Better Records

This visible paper component of healthcare is an ongoing financial and workflow drain on productivity. The ongoing costs to create, maintain, fulfill chart requests, retrieve and replace, store, purge and shred paper medical records negatively impacts any physician practice or enterprise facility.

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Peace of Mind And Cost Certainty

Medical Record Scan provides each client with a specific plan of action and includes flat rate pricing on a per project basis. That allows our clients to have complete cost certainty before any work begins and provides the peace of mind you need to maintain your focus on the core competency of your enterprise.

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Privacy And Security Guaranteed

We fully understand the delicate nature of medical records. That is why all of our scanning is done off site at our secure HIPAA safe production facility and via our secure STAT chart program, you always maintain access to your charts throughout the scanning process.

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EMR Scanning Saves Resources And Improves Efficiency

The adoption of Electronic Medical Records provides many benefits that are easy to understand. A greatly reduced environmental footprint, lower costs for record keeping, easier use of recorded data, better intraoffice and interoffice communication – the obvious benefits are already well-known, so why do paper charts and records continue to linger in the filing systems of some medical practices at this point? Many assume there would be obstacles to digitizing all of their own records in-house and weight that inaccurate assumption against the impediments paper documents create in their overall efficiency. That often remains true until they discover Medical Record Scan is ready, willing and able to migrate their documents through a prompt, efficient, and painless EMR transition.

Some decision makers have made the mistake of creating a hybrid paper/electronic system without realizing that many inconsistencies that become a serious drain on workflow and add needless often redundant processes that have a disastrous impact on staff morale and patient care when a fully digital solution would have cost less and been easier to implement right from the start. An EMR is an invisible easy to access archive, unlike a glaring wall of file drawers or a storage facility full of manila patient folders which take up space, while waiting to be lost, misfiled, or accidentally destroyed. This paper component of healthcare is an ongoing drain on productivity and a serious environmental hazard. It doesn’t make sense to continue doing less with more and you could be doing so much more with so much less!

Your intelligently deployed EMR can generate an enormous return on investment very quickly while simultaneously facilitating simpler regulatory compliance and turning vital information that previously took hours or days to retrieve into the kind of immediately accessible data that is always available in a matter of seconds, which also decreases the potential for liability from errors while improving patient care overall.

  • Gain instant access to critical information and improve patient care
  • Filing, Routing and Tracking are significantly reduced
  • Valuable storage space is reclaimed
  • Immediate access instead of hours pulling charts
  • Capacity to increase patient and provider loads increase infinitely
  • Maximize Physician productivity
  • Morale of staff improves dramatically
  • Effortless audit compliance
  • Simplified Disaster recovery
  • Environmental sustainability

You are now one call or click away from getting your record keeping practices out of the dark ages and into the digital age with!