The professionals at MedicalRecordScan.com are focused on transitioning healthcare providers from a paper medical record environment to a modern electronic medical record (EMR) platform. We offer a comprehensive and cost effective service for digitizing vast quantities of paper medical documents into much more useful, secure, and fully searchable electronic health data. The process allows our clients to save considerable resources by reducing the cost of record keeping, while eliminating many risk management and regulatory compliance obstacles.

Once your paper medical records have been transformed into electronic digital assets they can be easily be imported into any electronic medical record you choose, are easily mined for clinical research purposes, become securely stored files, and are able to be shared among providers in a lightning fast ironclad digital environment. Why waste time and money plodding through the continued process of storing and retrieving paper medical records the way it was done decades ago when you can save time, space, and human resources by evolving your record keeping methods to make use of all the technological advances that have been become industry best practices since that time? Once your paper records have been properly digitized, the space required for storing an entire room of paper records is often less than the size of a standard deck of playing cards.

Medical Record Scan

We are fully committed to improving the communication and information exchange among healthcare providers and participants. That’s why we employ an experienced staff of highly qualified people who demonstrate the integrity and professionalism that have become the hallmarks of every service we provide. During more than a decade of diligently processing client documents, Medical Record Scan has securely scanned millions of medical records can save our clients millions of dollars. Our clients range from new solo physician practices to large multi-specialty groups, retiring physicians who no longer want to manage store rooms full of charts for years to come and ancillary laboratories handling research responsibilities.

Each new client has a specific project liaison to ensure consistent communication and white-glove concierge service at every step along the chain of custody from document pickup to scanned data delivery. A Medical Record Scan team leader is assigned to each project with the responsibility of tracking and processing all materials included in the order. The members of the team remain with each specific project they are assigned until the entire order is completed to ensure accuracy and data continuity. Each department including: shipping, document preparation, scanning, quality control, software and computer operations has clearly defined tasks with properly scheduled milestones designed to satisfy your scheduling and format requirements.

All of our state of the art scanning equipment and proprietary optical character recognition (OCR) software is designed to provide you with maximum accuracy and clarity. Our secure facilities are available to prepare and scan your documents with an impeccable degree of quality control whether we are processing a few cartons of documents for your archives or working through the OCR scanning of thousands of medical records per day for your practice.