Services provides complete medical record scanning services with absolute cost certainty by offering a Flat Rate Per Document Box (size 10″H x 12″W x 15″D) *up to 3,000 pages per standard size box

Doctor Searching Files for EMRPricing Includes:

  • Complete Chart preparation
  • Scanning to PDF format at 300 dots per inch (DPI)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) making all scanned paper charts searchable by any keyword, including: patient name, diagnosis, prescription, etc.
  • Secure Shredding of obviated documents
  • External hard drive storage and return of data
  • (shipping may incur additional nominal charges)

Our scanning is done off site at our secure HIPAA safe production facility and through our STAT chart program you always have access to your charts during the scanning process.  Our STAT chart program allows for the request of any chart that is needed via email and that chart is pulled and processed immediately, then uploaded to a secure online folder that is created for you so that the requested chart can be accessed.

Benefits of Scanning:


  • Scanned documents enable simultaneous access and collaboration
  • Eliminates the costs and risks of lost documents
  • Reduce labor and material costs associated with paper-based records
  • Reduce potential errors and improve patient care through accurate document storage and retrieval
  • Scan to PDF for easier file sharing
  • Substantially reduce physical storage requirements
  • Secure access mitigates risks
  • Expedite and enhance patient service
  • Achieve regulatory compliance by enabling better record keeping through scanning
  • Establishes a foundation for on-going process improvement
  • Transform your paper health data into searchable data for clinical research
  • Sustainable environmental footprint
  • Enhanced staffing morale

How Much Paper do you Have?

Figuring out how much paper you have is easy if you just know how much paper is in a typical container. A standard banker box measuring 10″ tall X 12″ wide X 15″ long contains about 2,200 pages.  This assumes there are about 100 folders in the box.  The more folders you have in a given space, the less paper you are going to have in that same space.  If the box is packed tightly, you might get as much as 2500-2700 pieces of paper into this size container. There are about 150 sheets of paper per inch, though in a tightly packed box you may have about 175-200 sheets of paper per inch.  Medical Record Scan can assist you with a document audit to determine the scope of work needed to modernize your record keeping practices and move to a much more efficient EMR method of medical data storage.

Financing is Available:

  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Perfect for phased project schedules
  • Manageable expense and impact on cash flow

You are now one call or click away from getting your record keeping practices out of the dark ages and into the digital age with!